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Raman FibreScience is a company with more than 25 years of research & development, and manufacturing experience in wet-laid non-wovens, speciality papers, polymers and extrusions.
While most companies limit themselves to products, Raman FibreScience goes the extra mile and provides total solutions.
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Our Vision
Raman FibreScience will…
  Develop a profitable business in value-added speciality papers, non-wovens and extrusions for various end applications developed through innovative product and market research.
  Develop strong technological capabilities to become the research and innovation partner to global majors in our chosen fields.
Core Values
Our logo represents our core values. It can be interpreted in several ways:
  As a question mark, it says we seek answers to the critical questions constantly.
  As a human ear, it says we listen to the voices of the market place and our customers, both internal and external.
  As a person at full stretch, signifying that, we strive for perfection in what we do best.
  The two spheres represent our creativity. We juggle with multiple ideas and solutions to a given problem.
  Finally, the symbol is also a Bass Clef - a notation in western music - indicating a vital mix of creativity, precision and discipline.
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